EuroMillions Changes 2016

Changes to EuroMillions

Camelot unveiled the latest changes to EuroMillions in September 2016. Here’s the full scoop on what’s new.

When Did EuroMillions Change?

The changes applied starting with the Tuesday draw on 27th September 2016.

What Changed?

Here’s what is different in brief:-

  • Ticket prices went going up – the price is now £2.50 a line (instead of £2)
  • There is an extra Lucky Star ball – you now choose from 1-12 (instead of 1-11)
  • The starting jackpot increased to €17 Million (current €15 Million)
  • The rollover rules now allow a capped jackpot of €190 Million for up to 4 draws (currently 1 draw)
  • The ‘UK Millionaire Maker’ add-on now pays out 2 x £1 Million prizes each draw (instead of 1)
  • New ‘UK Monthly Bonus Draw’ – an online based draw once a month with a £1 Million prize
  • There will be additional ‘European Millionaire Maker’ events a ‘couple’ of times per year
  • Mega Friday events will become Mega Weeks, so include the Tuesday draw.
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It’s That SuperDraw Time Once Again

Yes folks, this Friday EuroMillions have announced another of their special SuperDraws.

So the jackpot will be boosted up to €100 Million (around €73 Million or so) for this Friday 6th March 2015. Be prepared for the lottery queues getting very busy this Friday, and buy your tickets early. Read The Rest

Check UK Lottery Numbers – The Best Way

There are a ton of lottery results services online – but be careful about fully trusting any of them except the official source.


Because what if they get them wrong..? What if they accidentally publish last weeks result instead..?

This kind of mistake DOES happen. Read The Rest

Lotto vs EuroMillions Odds?

EuroMillions versus Lotto

The main difference between Lotto and EuroMillions is the odds of winning the jackpot – but it’s not the only difference that matters.

So which gives better odds – is it the UK Lotto or EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions odds have always been worse, but that’s not the whole story. Read The Rest