Check UK Lottery Numbers – The Best Way

There are a ton of lottery results services online – but be careful about fully trusting any of them except the official source.


Because what if they get them wrong..? What if they accidentally publish last weeks result instead..?

This kind of mistake DOES happen.

Even newspapers have been known to publish the wrong lottery numbers. And TV news shows have also broadcast the wrong numbers in the past too.

Do you want to risk losing even a small prize by using 2nd hand, or even 3rd hand lottery results?

So Here’s What I Recommend

Firstly, go check your lottery numbers at the UK’s official National Lottery site here.

Check your numbers

You can get results for UK Lotto and EuroMillions, as well as Thunderball and Hot Picks. And these include histories going back 6 months too – so you can also check those dusty older tickets you just found lying around in a drawer.

Then, just to be extra safe, always double check your results from one other source before you throw your tickets away.

Large numbers of lottery prizes go unclaimed every year in the UK. Some of them are simply from lost tickets, but I’d be willing to bet that a small percentage are lost because when the ticket holder checked them they were given the wrong results.

Don’t let that happen to you.

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