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Winnings Boost:

Love My Lotto is  a commercially run syndicate based in the UK.

They play more than just the UK Lotto though. They also play the EuroMillions and their own £1 Million Daily Draw game. They also buy all their tickets in the UK which means you are also included in all the add-on raffle games too, i.e. UK Lotto Raffle and the Millionaire Raffle. They also play both weekly draws.

And they cover all of these big prize games starting from just £16 per month.

The Syndicate Groups

Love My Lotto have taken a novel approach to organising their syndicates. You don’t choose which games to play, as all memberships play all games.

Instead you choose what level to play at – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each level gives more entries into each game and therefore better chances of winning. With Platinum giving the most entries and the best chance of winning.

Group sizes are set at 42 members which is fine. Importantly, any empty places in your group are always funded by the company – meaning you always play all of the tickets that a full group should.

How Much To Play?

Bronze membership costs a very accessible £16 per month. With Silver at £28 per month, and Gold at £40 per month.

What you get for your money is probably best summarised as overall entries per month:-

  • Bronze – 72 entries
  • Silver – 144 entries
  • Gold – 256 entries
  • Platinum – 320 entries

The website does break everything down to entries into each game, so you know exactly what you are getting for each membership level.

I would actually like to see more entries for your money, so Love My Lotto does lose some points here on value. But if you like the idea of playing in lots of different draws, rather than focussing on one game, then it’s hard to beat.

Payment options are good. You can join online today using the usual variety of debit and credit cards, and be playing right away. (You can also use Moneybookers/Skrill if you prefer that payment system)

What About Winnings?

Your winnings are automatically credited to your online wallet account. And you can then request a withdrawal at any time you like (subject to a minimum of £20). You can paid by cheque, bank transfer or to your Moneybookers/Skrill account.

The online members area generally is well designed, and gives you access to all the usual things you need. So you can see all the games you are playing, along with the numbers picked for each game before every draw.

Your winnings are listed out clearly giving details of which ticket won, on what date and how much. They also show you the numbers that were played alongside the winning set of numbers, so you can see exactly what numbers where matched too.

You also get an email too when your group wins stating the amount, so you don’t even need to log in to find out. It’s pretty exciting seeing those “LoveMyLotto You’re a Winner!” emails show up in your inbox, then opening it to find out how much…

Should I Join?

This is a professional syndicate backed by some well respected business names. The simple to understand packages are a neat way to play, as they spread the excitement of winning over numerous days every week.

As a professional syndicate the costs are higher of course – they have to pay wages and office costs. But I would like to see them add a few more entries or another game and keep the pricing the same to improve the overall value for money. (Maybe the popular Irish Lotto game could be added next).

But that said, if you want to play a LOT of draws rather than focus on just one draw or game, then this has proven to be a really good choice. And time has shown they are a solid professional company to use.

In Short 
  • Established professional company, proper offices and phone support
  • Good group size, nicely packaged syndicate groups
  • Value for money could be a little better
  • But playing options do start at just £16
  • Save a huge 50% if you pay for a year of Platinum (may not be around forever)

Want To Play? Join Love My Lotto Here

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