EuroMillions vs Lotto Odds?

So which gives better odds – is it the UK Lotto or EuroMillions?

Things did change greatly when the main National Lottery game put up their prices in 2013, – even though the odds themselves didn’t change.

UPDATE: But now they’ve done it again. And this time the UK Lotto odds have changed a lot. Read on to find out what this means for you.

EuroMillions versus LottoTIP: Ticket price is normally forgotten when people are working out which is easier to win – but that’s wrong, because it’s CRITICAL to take it into account.

Before The 2013 Price Change

When the Lotto was still only £1 per line to play, it cost £2 to play EuroMillions (in the UK). That meant you could cover twice as many UK Lotto combinations for exactly the same money. That made a huge difference to your real chances of winning.

But things changed when the price for the Lotto game went up too. It also made them easier to compare now that the ticket prices are the same for the two games.

The Odds Now

The biggest change for 2015 has been adding more balls to the UK Lotto, now we have 59 instead of 49 to choose from. Obviously that affects your chances of winning all prize levels.

But here’s the odds of winning the jackpot (the most important!) for both games, and how it has changed:-

GameBalls DrawnOdds
EuroMillions5 from 50, plus 2 from 111 in 116,531,800
OLD UK Lotto6 from 491 in 13,983,816
NEW UK Lotto6 from 591 in 45,057,474

So What Does This Mean?

It means it used to be 8.3 times harder to win EuroMillions than UK Lotto. But now it’s only 2.6 times harder.

Of course EuroMillions has always had a much larger jackpot, particularly with rollovers. This gap will also narrow too. Because the jackpot odds are tougher there will be more rollover draws for UK Lotto, resulting in bigger rollover jackpots.

The two games have become a lot more like each other. But those tougher odds for the big Euro game has long been the reason why a lot of people play in a EuroMillions syndicate of course. With enough people it more than makes up the difference.

Not The End Of Story

But that’s not the end of the story. Because there is also the Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

We’re all about the big prizes, so we don’t greatly care that you can win a free lucky dip for matching 2 balls.

But we do care that you can now win £1 Million every draw in the Raffle. Just like EuroMillions. Although the Millionaire Raffle does also still have 20 lots of £20,000 to be won each draw too.

So Which Game Should I Play Now?

I know some people are disappointed that the UK Lotto is now harder to win. But it’s not as bad as you think when you also take into account there is now an extra £1M Raffle prize – I know I’d be pretty happy with that 🙂

If you want a game with a better chance of winning the jackpot, the UK Lotto is still the better game. If you want bigger jackpots then EuroMillions still wins out – although the gap is now smaller.

Both games however are also good games to play in a syndicate (for a much better chance of winning), as the jackpot prizes are big enough to share between a decent sized group. So there’s never been a better time to start one yourself, or check out our reviews of online syndicates here.

These changes do make UK Lotto a lot more like EuroMillions, but both games are still a lot of fun to play. So don’t let our ‘negativity driven’ UK media spoil that fun by stopping you from playing!

Keep dreaming big.

Got more questions? Check out our EuroMillions Questions & Answers.

P.S. There are more changes to EuroMillions effective from September 2016. It’s harder to win and a little more expensive to play so the odds vs Lotto are worse again.

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