eLottery Syndicate UK Lotto Review

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Winnings Boost:

The eLottery Syndicates have a solid track record. They have a long history of reliable and professional service, and always pay winnings on time.

You can manage everything about your account online. You can email the support team and get fast responses. And yes, you can even call them on the phone and they answer!

The Syndicates

My personal favourite are the UK Lotto groups, but eLottery do also provide groups for the very popular EuroMillions, as well as the big Spanish monthly draws (which are less known in the UK but bring Spain to it’s knees with excitement).

The UK Lotto groups give you a share in 88 tickets per week, split between 44 tickets in the Wednesday night draw and another 44 in the Saturday night draw.

Why 44 tickets?

It means they can allocate each group a unique set of 5 numbers which they combine with every possible 6th number (that’s 44 total). Which means if your group matches those 5 numbers you actually win the jackpot. You would also get multiple other prizes too, but it’s the fact you’re getting 44 tickets per draw that really matters.

What Does It Cost?

It’s a straightforward £5 per week, which covers both Wednesday and Saturday draws. No hidden costs. You can choose how long to play for from as little as 1 week. And can pay using various methods including all the popular debit/credit cards, by cheque and other ways.

I subscribe on a 4 week cycle using my debit card, which works well for me.

The groups are made up of 49 members each – which does mean you get a good size wodge of cash if your group hits the big prize. But it does mean this syndicate costs more than some of the others, although you can see where this money is being spent as there is a whole team of staff with proper offices running and managing everything.

Should I Join This One?

If you want a solid and reliable UK Lotto syndicate, then yes! It does cost a little more than some of the others, but in my opinion it’s worth it for the reassurance of a professional company managing my tickets.

In Short 

  • Solid, reliable, professional. Lots of payment options. Fast payouts.
  • Could be a little cheaper but I guess quality costs.

Want To Play? Join eLottery Syndicate Here

eLottery has now closed down – check out You Play We Play instead.

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