You Play We Play Review

You Play We Play 

Winnings Boost:

‘You Play We Play’ provide syndicates for UK Lotto, EuroMillions and unusually for Thunderball too.

Whilst not as slick as some of the other online syndicates, YPWP have been growing a steady and enthusiastic following over the last few years from their base in Birmingham.

Their ‘killer feature’ is not only do they offer decent regular subscription options, but ‘pay as you go’ type play as well. Which is great for those on a low budget, or for extra syndicates during those big rollovers or special draws.

But more on that in a moment.

The Syndicate Groups

Each YPWP group is made up of a maximum of 50 players, each funding 1 ticket.

So in other words with a full group you get 50 times the chance of winning.

It’s tricky to score them for ‘winnings boost’ however, because it is possible to end up in a group that isn’t full yet.

This is not usually a problem with one-off play especially if you buy early.

But if you subscribe to play regularly you may be playing with a partly filled group for a few weeks. (Of course it will fill up in time, but if this is of concern it may be best to look elsewhere or just use them for one-off plays.)

Subscription Or ‘Pay As You Go’?

The unique feature You Play We Play do offer is being able to play for single draws as and when you want.

They can do this because it’s free to join, and then you only pay for the draws as and when you choose to play.

This is great for boosting up your entries when the jackpot rolls over to a level you like, or EuroMillions put on a special draw.

And you can also subscribe too of course (you actually get your first week free if you do subscribe!).

How Much To Play?

The cost is a straightforward £2 per draw for UK Lotto and Thunderball, and £3 per draw for EuroMillions.

Which makes You Play We Play very accessible if you have a low playing budget, and very low cost if you just want to boost up your entries once in a while.

You can join online, and pay by all the usual credit and debit cards. There are also plans to add Moneybookers/Skrill payment soon.

How Are Winnings Handled?

You get to see all the numbers played by your syndicate group before the draw. And very shortly after the results appear you can see exactly which lines matched any of the balls drawn, and view a detailed breakdown of how much each line won.

The wins are added to your online account – which can then be paid direct to your bank account, issued by cheque or paid to your Moneybookes/Skrill account if you prefer.

Winnings are simply split equally between the group, and there are no charges or deductions from those winnings.

Online Members Area

The members area has a lot of features and a lot going on, so can be a little confusing at first.

But it doesn’t take too long to get the hang of it – and there is a friendly community of members online that you can ask for help in the forums.

Company support is also good, and support tickets are normally promptly answered.

Should I Join?

YPWP are a small professional syndicate company, with very easy to understand syndicates costing from just £2 to play.

Their subscriptions give a good solid boost to your chances of winning across a choice of 3 popular games. And their pay as you go options are unique amongst online syndicates, and very useful.

It’s free to join anyway. So you can join online, and have a good look around before you decide if you want to spend any money.

In Short 

  • Professional company, with a number of years experience
  • Easy to understand groups from just £2 to play
  • Possibility of unfilled groups
  • Very useful ‘pay as you go’ play option
  • Good solid boost to chances with a full group

Want To Play? Join ‘You Play We Play’ Here

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