About Me

mark lottery fanHi, my name is Mark Haigh and I’m a lottery fan.

There I’ve said it. I’ve admitted my secret fascination with those little round numbered balls that tumble out of the big perspex bowl every week – and make someone a millionaire!

I’m also a bit of a science, maths and statistics fan.

Now many mathematics like to mock those who enjoy playing the lottery – you may have even heard the phrase ‘the lottery is a tax on the stupid’!

But not only is that deeply unfair, it’s also completely wrong.

Lottery players know they have a very small chance of winning. But quite simply the value of possibly becoming a millionaire overnight is worth way more to us than the value of our £1 coin (or $1 note, or whatever).

So yes cynical mathematicians of the world, you’re welcome to go out and smugly spend your £1 on something else, but we prefer the weekly excitement of those magic balls.

And the casual dream of what we would do with all that cash if it did actually happen to us.

And what else can you buy for a quid these days..?

Good luck, and happy dreaming,


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