Lottery Magic UK Review

lottery magic uk 

Winnings Boost:

It’s not a good start for Lottery Magic UK. The web site is quite broken, with missing graphics and other problems.

It looks unmaintained, except the page on horse racing tips gives a clue that someone has been there as recently as September 2009. (No I’m not sure why they are there either).

The Syndicates

If it’s still running they provide a Saturday Syndicate in the UK Lotto, and possibly play EuroMillions too.

What Does It Cost?

It costs £10 for the UK Lotto Saturday game to play for 13 weeks.Unfortunately whlst this may sound cheap, it’s not clear what you actually get for £10. It doesn’t say how many tickets are bought or how many people play in a group. So charges on playing are not clear. There are no charges on winnings however except a £1 admin fee on paying out.

Should I Join This One?

No. If it is still running it isn’t well looked after. And what you get for your money is just not explained.

In Short 

  • Appears to be not much going for it…
  • Website broken, costs not clear, may have ceased running?

Want To Play? Join Lottery Magic UK Here

Lottery Magic UK has now closed down – give You Play We Play or Big Fat Lotto Syndicate a go instead.

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