CatchaLotto Review


Winnings Boost:

Catchalotto suffers the problem of being fairly new. There just aren’t enough members to fill a syndicate group. That unfortunately means your chances of winning aren’t much better. This may change in time, but makes it very hard to recommend them right now.

The other big problem I have with this one is called ‘Lottorino’. This is the software the syndicate owner has created to analyse past results and eliminate results they consider less likely to be drawn… which is of course entirely silly and without any sensible foundation whatsoever! No lottery result is any more or less likely than any other. To claim otherwise is simply wrong.

The Syndicates

Catchalotto has groups for the UK Lotto on Wednesday and Saturday. The maximum size of the groups is 30 people which is quite small, but as mentioned above these are not even half filling at the moment which is a problem.

You can pick your own lottery numbers for each group you enter, and winnings are shared equally between all members of that group.

What Does It Cost?

Playing in the syndicate groups costs just £1 per week, i.e. you fund the ticket you buy, with no extra charges. But you do pay an admin fee of £1 every time you add money to your account and a £2 admin fee to withdraw winnings. Which is certainly reasonable.

You can join online which is good, and add from £1 to £20 to your account each time you want to fund it. Unfortunately the only payment option available is Paypal (which is a concern as I’m not sure anything lottery related is allowed under their terms and conditions).

Should I Join This One?

Right now – no. In 6 months time, maybe. The prediction software is silly but it doesn’t harm your chances (although I do not like this kind of misinformation being perpetuated about playing the lottery). The Paypal thing could be an issue – Paypal freeze accounts when they find things they don’t like. But the key problem is the groups sizes, in particular because they aren’t filling so you don’t even get the potential winnings boost you could right now.

In Short 

  • Can join online, low costs.
  • Too new perhaps – group size is too small anyway but half empty too, bad lottery advice.

Want To Play? Join Catchalotto Here

Catchalotto has now closed down – give You Play We Play a try instead.

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