Reviews Of The Best Online Lottery Syndicates

Here it is, my Top of the Pops ‘Hit Parade’ of the best lottery syndicates.

A lot of effort has gone into researching these syndicates including sneaky ‘undercover’ discussions with the owners, and joining and playing with the better ones (if they’re clearly rubbish I don’t even join them!).

If you want to play in a syndicate, start at the top of this list and you can’t go wrong:-

Syndicate (click for review) Rating
Big Fat Lottos
You Play We Play
Love My Lotto Syndicate
Lotto 28
Play By Syndicate
Lottery Magic UK
The Lottery Syndicate Chart

Aren’t All Online Syndicates The Same?

Definitely not!

Yes pretty much all syndicates work in the same way – that is, they pool their money, buy lots of tickets and share the winnings.

But there a lots of variables here, that make a big difference to determining the best syndicates.

You need to think about whether you want a professional syndicate running as a business, or are happy with an amateur managing the group in their spare time.

Obviously you need to find the game you want to play. Or consider if you would be better off playing a different game instead and look for that.

Then you need to consider the cost of playing, how many tickets are played, what the odds of the game itself are, and how big a syndicate group is.

And that’s just for starters :-)

Alternatively, you can just read my reviews instead, as these are all the criteria I look at when I assess a syndicate and rate it.

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